The journal “Hémecht” is online

The journal “Hémecht” is online

On our blog, we have the possibility to inform users of news relating to the evolution of the “ARKs in the Open” project, organizations joining or new types of objects receiving ARKs.

This first article deals with the publication of the Luxembourgish history journal “Hémecht”. All of the issues of the most important journal about Luxembourgish history, from 1895 to 2015, were put online at the end of March 2020  and are available on the portal and on the search engine of the libraries of the “Bibnet” network For more information, please consult the article on the BnL website.

Although the BnL has already allocated ARKs to many periodicals, the publication of the “Hémecht” marks the first time that “” links have been implemented in the cataloging system of the “” network. These links are now also accessible in the search engine.

By searching for “Histoire et méta-histoire au Musée d’histoire de la ville de Luxembourg” in, you come across the homonymous article in the April 1, 1996 edition of the Hémecht ( However, the link found in the “Online access” and “Get online” sections is also a “” link, which refers the user to the actual article in the viewer of :


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